Electrical Work:

Power tripped while watching the last episode of your favourite TV drama?

Air conditioner simply not working on the hottest day?

Ceiling lights keep flickering in an annoying manner?

Here at RenoHero, we have many experienced electricians to help you with some of the most common electrical issues you may face at home. These electrical emergencies can arise due to faulty household appliances, worn electrical wiring, dead power outlets and faulty switches etc.

Here are some examples of electrical services we provide:
– Pool or Landscape Lighting
– Light Repair and Led Light Installation
– Energy-Saving Consultations
– Meter Upgrades
– House Grounding
– Mounting of Ceiling Fans and Safety Switches
– Repairing Kitchen Stoves and Other Appliances
– Solar System Installations
– Installation of Phone and Power Outlets
– Media Room or Home Entertainment Wiring
– Upgrading or Replacement of Switchboards
– Wiring / Rewiring Of Homes
– Surge Protection
– Installation and Maintenance of Security Systems Like Alarms and CCTV
– Upgrading Your Electrical System
– Any Other Electrical Work.

Why is it risky to fix it yourself?

It may be tempting to forgo contacting a professional to save money and try to fix it yourself, however electrical work when done improperly can be extremely risky and dangerous.

Electrical shocks are very dangerous and can be deadly at any voltage, within most households, the average voltage for lighting and power outlets is around 110 volts, enough to give you a nice jolt, but the voltage levels for certain appliances, such as ovens and dryers, can reach 240 volts – which is deadly.

Next, fire hazards can result due to faulty wiring, electrical fire hazards are difficult to spot and can be caused by something as small as a wire in the wrong position. An electrical fire can lead to untold costs and damages to your home and great danger to the members of your household.

Our electricians go through years of training to learn how to safely work around electricity and can professionally fix your electrical issues without any danger happening to you or your household.

Leaving these electrical issues unchecked can be risky and dangerous, that’s why we at RenoHero are here to save your day!