Handyman Work:

Homes require a fair bit of loving attention and care, as the years go by, all sorts of things can break down and need replacing, or you will find that you need a professional to install things like power and internet points.

That’s when you will find that having a handyman to contact is a handy thing!

We can provide a wide range of handyman services with terrific skills to boot!

Stain on furniture that won’t go away? We can clean it!

Old but nostalgic coffee table is falling apart? We can restore it!

Need a new splash of colour on dull walls? We can paint it!

Bedroom door locks are easily jammed? We can fix it!

We can provide a massive variety of handyman services including but not limited to:
– Replacement of Door Knob / Hinge- Replacement of Bedroom Door
– Installation of Pictures / Shelves / Mirrors / Blinds
– Installation of TV Brackets
– Light Fittings and Light-Bulb Replacement
– Data Point Installation
– Air Conditioner Servicing
– General Home Improvement
– Dry Wall Demolition
– Polishing Work
– Installation of Wall-Mounted Fan
– Installation of Ceiling Fan
– Changing Window Latches
– Painting Service
– Unlock Service (Locksmith)
– Aluminium Glass Door Repair
– Sliding Door Repair
– Fixing Door and Gate Alignments
– Mounting Sound Systems
– Installation of Grab Bars in Bathrooms for Safety and Accessibility for The Disabled
– Replacement of Glass Panels