Marble Restoration:

Marble gives off a pristine shine and luxurious feeling and is popular in home interiors, however it’s very susceptible to scratches and stains.

Elegant marble countertop chipped by heavy furniture being moved? We can fix it!

Gorgeous marble flooring stained by spilled juice? We can polish it!

We have a wide variety of different tools and techniques that can repair and restore various marble flooring and marble surfaces, giving off an exquisite sparkling finish.

Here are some examples of what we can do:
– Oxidation Stain Removal
– Burnt Marks Removal (From Cigarettes / Fire )
– Lacquer Stain Removal
– Drink Stain Removal (Caused by spillage of wine, tea, coffee, juices)
– Organic Stain Removal (From urine, human perspiration)
– Soap Scum Removal
– Removal of Mildew Growth
– Removal of Water Marks
– Rust Stain Removal
– Marble Restoration
– Marble Floor Restoration
– Marble Cleaning
– Stone Sealing Services (Prevents moisture and fluids from damaging natural stone)
– Lime Removal (Removal of lime deposits occurring from poor installation practices)
– Color Enhancing Sealing Services  (Makes colours more vibrant and prevent fluids from entering and staining the stone)
– Removal of Water Marks
– Improvement of Marble Shine
– Maintenance Services To Preserve The Marble’s Integrity And Finish
– And Many Many Other Types Of Marble Care!

We can repair and restore a wide variety of marble flooring, shower walls, tub surrounds, countertops and many other marble surfaces to its original glory at an affordable cost!